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Located in Duluth just off I-85, Clean Wave Pleasant Hill is an upscale laundromat with a storefront at clean as your freshly washed clothes! We offer Speed Queen's latest and greatest machines to ensure your laundry is not just washed, but taken care of. Our high efficiency machines mean it costs you less to do more. Don't just take our word for it though, take a look at the Consumer Reports ratings. 

With washers ranging from 20 - 80 lb in load size, and dryers from 30 - 75 lb, we are capable of meeting all your personal or professional needs. Don't forget to download the app to receive store-wide and personalized promotions. The app will even alert you when your laundry is done, giving you the freedom to check more off your to-do list.

Please note the last wash cutoff is 10:45pm.

Download the Speed Queen App on your mobile device: Apple  |  Android

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